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Fiscal Holiday Ends

Tax Bulletins
Fiscal holiday started on 3 July, Tuesday and will be ending on 20 July Friday evening in 2018.
Tax returns with submission deadline corresponding to fiscal holiday could be presented until the end of the 7th day following the last day of fiscal holiday (27 July 2018).
Legal and administrative terms ending within 5 days following the last day of fiscal holiday are considered as expiring at the end of the fifth day following the last day of fiscal holiday. Accordingly, for instance, the deadline for submitting VAT, stamp tax and withholding tax returns is extended until 25 July 2018 Wednesday.
Payment term for taxes disclosed on returns of which their submission deadlines are extended due to the fiscal holiday (provided that they remain within the same month) is considered as extended to the end of the day following the last day of the extended deadline for tax return submission. Pertaining to that, the taxes on returns within this context (e.g. VAT; stamp tax, withholding) could be paid until the end of 26 July 2018 Thursday. (Any extension tied to fiscal holiday does not exist for those tax returns).   
On additional, direct or administrative assessments; payment terms of taxes, duties and fees whose maturity is within the fiscal holiday and related tax penalties and delay interests are also extended to the evening of the seventh day following the last day of the fiscal holiday (to 27 July 2018).
If the litigation period is within the fiscal holiday, then this period will not be running during the fiscal holiday.
Since the submission deadline of Ba and Bs forms pertaining to June/2018 period is not changed due to the fiscal holiday, these forms must be submitted until 24:00, in the evening of 31 July 2018 Tuesday through approval on the system.
Fiscal holiday does not cover special consumption tax (SCT), banking and insurance transactions tax (BSMV), special communication tax (ÖİV) and lottery games tax (ŞOV), the taxes and funds imposed and collected by customs administrations, provincial administrations and municipalities.
The submission and payment periods for the notifications on Resource Utilization Support Fund (KKDF) deductions are not included within the scope of fiscal holiday.
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