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Eser Sevinç

Yeminli Mali Müşavir
Eser Sevinç, Partner
Sworn-in CPA, Independent Auditor,
Company Manager
Who is Eser Sevinç?

An economist, public finance and auditing expert, and certified-sworn fiscal advisor with almost 30 years of professional experience mostly in the Turkish public sector; Experienced in all aspects of public sector economics, public finance, public management and administration, as well as government and commercial accounting, taxation, auditing, budgeting, financial practices, management, and appraisal of investment projects; implementing training on groupware technologies to Board of Inspectors, Prepared a comprehensive two-year master program on "Master Science in Information System Management” in the Ferris State University, in Michigan, USA; Our common purpose from the top level of management to low level of employee is to provide and produce a customer oriented service over the expectations.

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