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Depreciation for new machinery and equipment

Tax Bulletins
Depreciation to be applied on new machinery and equipment used in manufacturing industry or R&D activities is disclosed. According to the Temporary Article 30 added to the Tax Procedures Law through the Article 16 of the Law No. 7103, to be effective from 1 May 2018;

- By the taxpayers with an industry registry certificate as per the Industrial Registry Law No. 6948 or

- Regarding the taxpayers dealing with activities under the Law No. 6550 for Supporting Research Infrastructure, Law No. 5746 for Supports to Research, Development and Design Activities and the Law No. 4691 for Technological Development Sites;

the depreciation rates and periods for new machinery and equipment acquired by the taxpayers until the end of calendar year 2019 exclusively to be used in R&D, innovation and design activities and new machinery and equipment acquired until the same date within the context of investment incentive certificate can be calculated by taking the half of their useful life into consideration.
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