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Corporate Finance

Our Services
Tek Auditing and Sworn-in CPA Ltd. team offers the services below:

Mergers and Purchasing Transactions

How do you measure and protect the value by mergers purchasing transactions on your company? Any kind of mergers and purchasing transactions accommodate distinctive risks and opportunities. Technical knowledge and experience are required in order to overcome the difficulties that will be encountered at each step during  the transactions. We are ready to subsidize you with our technical knowledge and experiences at each step and you to complete the transaction successfully. The support we give in your transactions of mergers and purchasing is not limited with the preparation for the transaction, also we carry our support with consulting services at integration phases after transaction.

Public Offering Transactions and Market Consultancy

The companies that will go public should make their financial and legal structures suitable for the CMB legislation before applying CMB that intent. In this sense,
Tek Auditing and Sworn-in CPA Ltd. offers support services to the clients with its specailized and experienced staff on CMB and Stock Exchange legislatons. For that purpose, Tek Auditing and Sworn-in CPA Ltd. reviews legal and financial structures of the companies, makes necessary amendments done and consequently enables going public activity to be carried without any problem and in a shortest time by determining the most appropriate going public strategy fort he client.

After this successful going public activity, support may be needed for issues such as follow-up or placement at double quotations, financial reporting, risk management and tax configuration or tranfer pricing.
Tek Auditing and Sworn-in CPA Ltd. has experienced staff, who shall be able to respond such kind of needs of the enterprises that will go public.

Evaluation Transactions and Due Diligence Studies

‘’Evaluation transactions’’ and ‘’due diligence studies’’ comprise a substantial side of the mergers and going public transactions.

Suppose you decided to sell your company or go public. How will you determine the value of your company?
Tek Auditing and Sworn-in CPA Ltd. can help you also in this matter with its experienced staff.

Suppose you purchased a new company. What kind of liabilities have you assumed during this process? There may be any debt of this newly purchased company to state institutions and organizations or third parties even if this debt may not be foreseen in financial statements. Or, there may be a lawsuit brought againt the company? Waht kind of liabilities it had due to agreements made before purchasing? Is a risk undertaken in terms of intellectual and fixed properties and rights?

Responses of these such questions shall merely be able to be set forth by a due diligence study to be executed by an enterprise which is specialized in its subject.
Tek Auditing and Sworn-in CPA Ltd. has an organization to provide this service in the most competent way with its specialized consultants and auditors.

Project Finance

Globalization and severe competition environment lead firms to strengthen their capital stucture, to expand themselves healthily and to find proper financing sources for their prjects.

Tek Auditing and Sworn-in CPA Ltd. offers comprehensive services in the field of corporate finance. We have pleasure to help your company in the following matters; if you contact us about these issues, you will gain unexpected advantages.
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