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Audit Service

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Information generated by accounting should be accurate and reliable in order that rights and benefits of allottees and stakeholders in enterprises may be protected. This requirement features ‘’transparency’’term. Provision of this transparency in enterprises is contingent on two conditions: Preparation of financial statements into certain standarts and auditing by an independent audit organization.

Information generated by accounting may vary depending on size, complexity and needs of companies. These information should be certainly accurate and reliable for themselves and investors in terms of reliability into the public.

Independent audit approach of Tek Auditing and Sworn-in CPA Ltd. is clear and consistent: In this regard, professional competency, independency and objectivity, in a more sense, “quality assurance” is always prioritized. The audit service offered by Tek Auditing and Sworn-in CPA Ltd. is not only limited with an independent report presented on financial condition,operations and cash flow, also it helps clients to develop their enterprises further.

Tek Auditing and Sworn-in CPA Ltd. is ready to meet your any kinds of national audit needs with the aid of its expert staff who are endowed with large technical knowledge and experience in their profession.

Tek Auditing and Sworn-in CPA Ltd. has a large knowladge and experience about international audits. By also benefitting from the support of its international solution partner of CPA Eser Sevinç, Tek Auditing and Sworn-in CPA Ltd. offers service to its clients on audit of financial statements prepared in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standarts(IFRS).
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