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About Us

Who is Eser Sevinç?

Who is Eser Sevinç? An economist, public finance and auditing expert, and certified-sworn fiscal advisor with almost 30 years of professional experience mostly in the Turkish public sector; Experienced in all aspects of public sector economics, public finance, public management and administration, as well as government and commercial accounting, taxation, auditing, budgeting, financial practices, management, and appraisal of investment projects; implementing training on groupware technologies to Board of Inspectors, Prepared a comprehensive two-year master program on "Master Science in Information System Management” in the Ferris State University, in Michigan, USA; Our common purpose from the top level of management to low level of employee is to provide and produce a customer oriented service over the expectations.

Tek CPA provides flexible outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services in Turkey for foreign companies focused on clients needs.

We can help you for Establishing Company In Turkey.

Turkish Company Accounting Setup
Company needs and requirement analysis
Client accounting policies and reporting needs analysis
Set up an accounting software and system that satisfy company needs

Monthly Accounting Services
Preparation of monthly journal entries for :
- Revenue / Accounts Receivable
- Accounts Payable
- Depreciation and Amortization
- Accrued Expenses and Tax Provisions
- Maintenance of the computer based accounting system master data and transaction data.
- Preparation of TRL general ledger and trial balance.
- Preparation of the fixed asset register.
- Preparation of monthly TRL financial statements based on the company's format.

Yearly Accounting Closure
Preparation of accounts for year end closing:
Balance Sheet
Income Statement
Preparation of data for tax returns

In todays ever-changing world, in conjuction with the continuously changing and varying costs, we think that your financial advisor choice will at least be as much importance as your decisions on new investment areas. Auditing, tax and management consultancy firms have always had a major role in forestalling a competitor by directing the clients, diminishing the costs with tax planning applications and with many other experiences on new investments decisions.
Our most important mission as Tek Auditing and CPA Ltd. is to serve our country by working more and to give their needed consulting services to our elite clients by providing them a highest level of benefits for the competition with foreign competitors. Our firm also believes in being open for changes and developments for surviving in the highly competitive world.

How we do it
Tek Auditing and CPA Ltd. is an audit and accountancy company founded in 2008 with only one goal: To be the economical alternative for foreign companies in Turkey. International companies and foreign entrepreneurs that start their first business in Turkey are not familiar with the legal, tax and accounting regulations in Turkey. They seek advisory from an accountant that can provide international accountancy services.
Salary administration, financial statements, company income tax returns, it is all quite standard work for us to do. So is setting up a BV company, drawing up employment and other contracts, advise on domestic tax regulations and on Turkish company law.
We are used to work for medium and large-sized foreign companies. We know how to report to foreign head offices applying reporting manuals designed by large audit firms. We apply IFRS in our international reporting.
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